The Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards

What do we offer?

The Innovation Centre will be the ultimate one-stop shop and ‘mash-up’ of technical, business and market capabilities, resources and expertise that helps technology entrepreneurs and companies launch, grow and thrive.   Leveraging a host of partners, this powerful intersection will bring together all the ingredients for commercial success under one roof.

Working closely with a host of program delivery partners including Invest Ottawa, the Innovation Centre will provide onsite access to a suite of technical, business and investment services, resources and support that helps entrepreneurs and firms to launch, grow and thrive.  These elements will work together to:

Increase the capabilities of entrepreneurs and firms, enhancing productivity, performance and profitability

Reduce risk of failure

Accelerate the growth, commercial success and contribution of these companies to the Ottawa economy

Programs and Services

The programs and services offered through the Innovation Centre and its partners will help to address key technical and business challenges identified by Ottawa entrepreneurs and firms.  For example, this offering will:

  • Increase global capabilities, resources, linkages and market opportunities that accelerate the development and commercial success of entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and established firms
  • Increase business resources and expertise that propel the sustainable development of firms in all stages of development – from discovery to validation, efficiency and scale-up
  • Facilitate access to technical infrastructure and prototyping capabilities required to develop and beta test advance proof-of-concept prototypes to increase investment and market readiness; accelerate technology commercialization and product development; and secure first customers

Key Capacities

So, what specific capabilities will the Innovation Centre offer entrepreneurs and firms? Our program delivery partners will equip companies in all stages of development with:

Business Acceleration
Investment-Readiness Programs

  • Targeted services, resources and support for companies from start-up through scale-up delivered by leading business accelerators and economic development organizations

Incubation, Collaboration and Meeting Space

  • Dedicated and intensive business incubation and accelerator programming space
  • Drop-in lounge that also serves as presentation space for large audiences up to 300 people
  • Informal meeting space
  • Open-concept working space for entrepreneurs
  • Corporate and professional service offices
  • Café and a roof top patio

Business Mentorship and Expertise

  • Business planning and development
  • Market and customer acquisition strategy
  • IP, legal, finance, PR and HR capabilities

R&D, Customer, Investment and Market Information and Linkages

  • Market data and competitive intelligence
  • Facilitated access to global markets
  • International R&D and business partnerships
  • Investment and trade linkages
  • Connections to customers

Collaboration and Learning Opportunities

  • Education, training and skills development
  • Inspirational events, workshops and seminars
  • Networking
  • Community, youth and social engagement

Access to Technology and Design

The Centre will provide significant opportunities for clients and partners to access key services in design, technology, prototyping and testing.

These include:

Makerspace Advanced Manufacturing

  • Advanced manufacturing tools, technologies and equipment
  • Technology design, development and test capabilities
  • Rapid prototyping and low volume production
  • Access to training, expertise and support

Digital Media Lab

  • Digital media tools and testing
  • Intelligent systems and networks
  • Digital media content development
  • Access to training, expertise and support